HVAC Installations

Creating a comfortable indoor climate where your employees, guests, visitors or patients feel right at home is not as easy as it seems! A. de Jong Group designs, installs, manages and maintains systems that make this possible: HVAC Installations. We believe that every building is different and that every sector or business deserves a different approach regarding indoor climate. Let us take full responsibility for your indoor climate so you can stay focused on your core business.

Industrial burner systems

Do you have a burner or combustion enquiry related to gas, liquid fuel or waste gas? Obviously you need to stay within the valid emission standards. De Jong Combustion and R&V Engineering offer tailor made solutions. We have 160 years experience in the engineering, design, manufacturing and commissioning of industrial burner systems. Clients in various industries around the world all have specific burning issues; we know how to improve your burner performance.

About us

Do you have a combustion-related question or are you searching for an appropriate solution for your indoor climate? De Jong thinks along with you. We are an industrial family business, specialized in environmental and energy technology. We have two product groups: HVAC installations and industrial burner systems. All our products reduce energy consumption and emissions. In the meantime our products increase efficiency. We serve clients around the globe from our offices in Schiedam, Zaandam, Hilversum and Delft.

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Stand-by burner

14 February 2020

Often boilers needs to be designed for the hot-stand-by mode. Ideally, the released heat during this operation only compensates for energy losses. However, most burners cannot achieve that low a...

Transition to high caloric natural gas (H-NG)

16 January 2020

Are our installations ready for firing high caloric natural gas (H-NG)? That is a question that we’re hearing lately from our clients now that the natural gas production in the Netherlands northern...

DJC/R&V reinforces his customer support in CHINA

13 December 2019

DJC/R&V reinforces  his customer support in CHINA. Our company will be represented by Mr. Shen Chunhua. DJC/R&V has started to reinforce its presence in China to provide in the need for...

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