R&V Engineering has developed a stand-by burner

STAND-BY BURNER. The R&V Engineering stand-by burner provides fuel and electrical energy savings at low investment costs.

At power plants, refinery’s and other industries with critical steam consumers, auxiliary boilers may need to be kept in stand-by mode. In this way, sudden changes in steam demand can be compensated or advantage can be taken from flexible electricity prices.

Keeping a boiler in stand-by mode is often energy consuming, especially when the boiler is designed for continuous operation. Those burners have a limited turn-down ratio. The resulting minimum burner load is higher than needed to keep the boiler hot. The surplus of heat is wasted.

To deal with this problem, R&V Engineering has developed a stand-by burner. The stand-by burner consists of a O-shaped tube that will be integrated with the (existing) burner. The burner meets the boiler stand-by mode heat demand exactly. This stand-by burner operates with auxiliary air only replacing the regular combustion air flow. Also the low excess air level of 10% contributes to energy savings.

The stand by burner can be combined with the earlier introduced Low NOx modification kit.

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