Transition to high caloric natural gas (H-NG)

Are our installations ready for firing high caloric natural gas (H-NG)? That is a question that we’re hearing lately from our clients now that the natural gas production in the Netherlands northern province of Groningen is further reduced. Currently, industrial consumers of the Netherlands Natural Gas will need to switch to high caloric natural gas (H-NG).

The Wobbe-index of this gas is different. The Wobbe-index is a measure for the energy in time at a given pressure that can flow through a nozzles of a burner. Firing fuel gas with a different Wobbe-index has impact on the burner performance, e.g. on the burners turndown.

Also Combustion Air Requirement Index (CARI) and Theoretical Flame Temperature of H-NG are different. The flame temperature is related to flame stability and fuel gas NOx emissions.

To learn if your installations with DJC/ R&V burners are feasible for H-NG or other fuels of a different quality, please call our sales team on +31 (0)10 4469 222.

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