Safety Integrity Level

DJC/R&V regularly execute Safety Integrity Level (SIL) verification studies for the safety functions which are embedded in our burner systems. Now, DJC/R&V offer these important studies also as a separate service. These studies are executed by DJC/R&V’s TüV certified Functional Safety Engineers.

The SIL-level of a safety integrated function (SIF) is determined during a Layer Of Protection Analysis (LOPA) meeting and the responsibility of the owner of the installation. The SIL level depends on the difference between unmitigated risks and tolerable risk target. Risk reduction by a SIF could for example be isolating a burner at loss of flame.

A SIL verification study is done to verify whether the selected equipment and configuration meets requirements of the applicable SIL level. The study also takes into account the Probability of Failure on Demand (PFD) of the components.

For each safety function the main scope of the study is to determine whether the failure rates of the complete loop (with e.g. sensor, logic solver, to actuator) in combination with the hardware fault tolerance (e.g. redundancy) is sufficient to reach the required risk reduction.

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