De Jong Combustion Schiedam

The history of De Jong Combustion

A. de Jong bv (De Jong) was founded in 1877, when Albert de Jong bought a shipyard in Scheveningen and started a shipping company. In the 1930’s De Jong became involved in combustion technology. In 1955 De Jong settled in Schiedam with an engineering office and a construction workshop. From that time, the company is developing rapidly. Nowadays it still designs and develops gas and oil burners for various industrial applications.

In 1973 De Jong entered into a joint venture agreement with a renowned business partner from the United States. In the next forty years the joint venture grew into one of the most important industrial burner companies in the world. In 2010 the collaboration came to an end and all the shares were transferred to De Jong. From that day the same burner business is continues under a new name: ‘De Jong Combustion’.

Sister company R&V Engineering

Nowadays De Jong Combustion works very closely together with sister company R&V Engineering. Together, they are also called  the Industrial Combustion Group, and are a leading Dutch supplier of industrial gas and oil burner systems. We offer and sell our products and services to utility companies, oil companies, chemical corporations and other major industries all over the world.

Specific information?

Please call +31 (0)10 – 446 92 22 for any burner and combustion questions.




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