Gas Pressure Reducing Station. One stop shopping at De Jong Combustion and R&V Engineering!

At many factory sites, fuel is available (very) high pressures. Where Gas Turbine sets and conventional or duct burners are working on (much) lower pressures, for various reasons.

A Gas Pressure Reducing Station (GPRS) is normally required to reduce the fuel pressure for various consumers. At DJC/R&V we have a long history with the design and fabrication of GPRS systems. Systems are designed strictly in accordance with the applicable rules and regulations as laid down in e.g. NFPA-85, ANSI and EU (EN15001). We use first class materials and design, engineer and manufacture the stations in our own offices and own workshop in Schiedam, The Netherlands in accordance with ISO 9001.

This enables our customers to work with only one supplier for both the burner installation and the Gas Pressure Reducing Station. Be assured that your GPRS is designed strictly in accordance with the requirements of your new burner system or other fuel related equipment. As supplier of industrial burner systems, we understand your needs.

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