CO emission conversion kit

De Jong Combustion/ R&V Engineering developed a CO emission conversion kit which reduces Carbon-Monoxide (CO) emission of existing R&V/DJC circular duct burners in turndown operation.

 Aged boiler installations have been built in times where less stringent emission requirements were in place. Often, the emission requirements were solely based on full load conditions. While today the installation is operated on partial load. Sub-optimum CO emissions at partial loads are the result.

 The solution R&V/DJC can provide is both simple and effective.

 R&V/DJC continuously develop its products to meet future requirements with regards to flue gas emissions and energy efficiency. The engineered to order Low CO emission conversion kit is one of the recent innovations of R&V/DJC’s R&D Department. It has already been proven successful in applications on site.

 The modification involves the substitution of some essential burner internals. Further, an internal flow damper with actuator is added. No other changes outside of the burner are required. This makes it a cost-effective solution with a minimum of adaptions to the installation. As a consequence, a minimum of downtime is needed.

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