Industrial Combustion Group

Your partner in combustion power

Do you have burner or combustion questions related to gas, liquid fuel or waste gas? The Industrial Combustion Group (De Jong Combustion and R&V Engineering) offers tailor-made solutions. We have a long history (160 years) in engineering, designing, manufacturing and commissioning of industrial burners systems. Our goal is simple: supplying the best burner solutions in a customized way.

All burner questions are unique

No burner or combustion question is the same. We use our worldwide experience, partnerships and state of the art technology to meet your stringent requirements, always complying with relevant codes and regulations. Our burner systems are used in power plants, utility companies, refineries, chemical corporations and other major industries throughout the world. Our main customers are renowned HRSG (Heat Recovery Steam Generator) vendors and boiler makers.

More than burners alone

In addition to the supply of our complete burner systems including required auxiliaries, we can assist you with all combustion related questions and issues. For example, we also offer advice, studies, retrofits, spare parts, field services, inspection and maintenance services.

160 years of combustion experience

The Industrial Combustion Group is your independent partner in combustion technology. 160 years of combustion experience and knowledge leads to safe, reliable, sustainable and efficient solutions. We are fully committed to provide the best customer support, service and partnership.